colours of the woods / Die Farben des Waldes

19.03. – 20.04.22 / Galerie Sabine Knust / Munich

Olaf Holzapfel in Zusammenarbeit mit Andrea Fernández, der Grupo Thañi (Claudia Alarcón) und Teresa Gutiérrez (

For Andrea Fernández, Olaf Holzapfel and the Thañi group, natural materials and their images are politically relevant to the process of sustainable economy and action. They constitute a necessary counter-movement to the media image production of the cultural centers favored by globalization. Examples of former practice include fabrics made from naturally renewable materials such as the chaguar fiber or from fibers of recycled soy sacks (on view at ifa Gallery Berlin in 2020); hay, straw, and truss installations (shown at documenta14). Local artifacts stand for identification and thus self-representation in the political process, equally accepted as media like the global media. They represent the richness of rural regions with their biological diversity and climates. They combine landscapes, villages, cities into cultural spaces; take natural resources and landscape space as their starting point. Thus, we shift the focus from an anthropocentric, urban gaze to a common environmental ethic.
The images we want to develop together deal with the materials, colors and elements that form life in the Gran Chaco as well as the discourse on images in the media-driven metropolises.

Gefördert aus dem Projektfonds Bildende Kunst des Goethe Instituts