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Trassen, 550 x 380x 805 cm, Holz Douglasie, 2017; Standort in der Parkaue Kassel















Pyramide 136,5 x136,5 cm, Stroh auf Holz, 2017

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new Book, by Sternberg Press; Olaf Holzapfel, Nahum Tevet – „The Rough Law of Gardens”, Publisher: Kunstmuseum Bochum Germany and Museum of Art, Ein Harod, Israel



Edited by Galia Bar Or, Hans Günter Golinski
Text by Galia Bar-Or

Design by Michal Sahar

Sternberg Press
April 2017, English
16.8 x 23.5 cm, 82 pages, 4 b/w and 40 color ill., softcover
ISBN 978-3-95679-259-5

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Staatlichen Kunstsammlungen Dresden (SKD), Albertinum anlässlich der neuen Sammlungspräsentation Werke von Olaf Holzapfel, Hermann Glöckner und Dan Graham –


SKD Albertinum, Dan Gramham, Olaf Holzapfel, Hermann Gloeckner
























Full Moon  11.September 2016- 19.3.2017; Eröffungsausstellung der Sammlung des Museums Voorlinden Museum & Gardens, NL






















mit: Ai Weiwei, Francis Alÿs, Massimo Bartolini, Michaël Borremans, Marcel Broodthaers, Enrico Castellani, Susan Collis, Jose Dávila, Rineke Dijkstra, Olafur Eliasson, Haris Epaminonda, Cerith Wyn Evans, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Tom Friedman, Damien Hirst, Olaf Holzapfel, Robert Kinmont, Yves Klein, Pyke Koch, Paul Kooiker, Guillermo Kuitca, Sherrie Levine, René Magritte, Mark Manders, Katja Mater, Astrid Mingels, François Morellet, Maurizio Nannucci, Ornaghi&Prestinari, Ugo Rondinone, Turi Simeti, Jan Sluijters, Pascale Marthine Tayou, Esther Tielemans, Kaari Upson, Andy Warhol, Remy Zaugg, Chen Zhen



My Abstract World  14. September 2016 – 26. 3. 2017;  me Collectors Room, Berlin


mit: Etel Adnan, Ahmed Alsoudani, John M. Armleder, Jo Baer, Ali Banisadr, Max Bill, GL Brierley,
André Butzer, Ouyang Chun, Albrecht Demitz, Paul Fägerskiöld, Mark Flood, Daniel Pflumm,
Bernard Frize, Andreas Golder, Henriette Grahnert, Katharina Grosse, Peter Halley, Federico
Herrero, Jochen Hiltmann, Olaf Holzapfel, Vladimir Houdek, Callum Innes, Robert Janitz, Imi
Knoebel, Caroline Kryzecki, Robert Longo, Marcin Maciejowski, Joseph Marioni, Sarah Morris,
David Ostrowski, Sigmar Polke, Gerhard Richter, Sterling Ruby, Adrian Sauer, Thomas
Scheibitz, Martina Steckholzer, Henning Strassburger, Christine Streuli, Rosemarie Trockel,
Brent Wadden, Ekrem Yalcindag, Toby Ziegler, Heimo Zobernig



Latitude 40° – 2016/17  Filmproject in Northern Patagonia


_73B6269 k





















… Patgonia is dominated by the Anden Cordillere. This range of mountains is queering the whole american continent, it is a massive natural border in many ways. In Patagonia the Andes are not only a giant climatic divide separating the Pacific Ocean from the Atlantic and producing very different vegetations and other forms of life on each side, they also play a crucial role in forming the cultural identities along the distinction between east and west. Borders always become symbolic, even though they are natural. ….

–  In 1843 Chile claimed the Magellan street and founded Punta Arenas in the very south of Patagonia. In 1856 both countries agreed in their treaty on a sort of border arrangement that was based on the old colonial borders, meaning on the principle of uti possidetis (as you posess) of 1810. By then the ownership of vast parts of Patagonia was unclear …




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Brücke „oneway“, Frankreich November 2015

"oneway" France November 2015 »

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